Have you ever used or considered using a Payday loan? Do you think there are time to use a payday loan? I am sure there are some reasons to use a payday loan, but have you ever really considered what interest rate they are charing?

Sounds good right? Wrong. To give them $20 doesn’t sound like a lot, but consider that you are only borrowing $100 and you are paying so much to pay them back within 1 - 2 weeks normally.

What does a payday loan really cost in interest terms?

Let’s say you are borrowing $100 and going to pay $15 for 1 week loan.

What this translates to for this simple payday loan is an annual interest rate for this loan of 780% APR. If they charge you $20 instead of $15 for the 1 week payday loan you then are paying an interest of 1040% APR.

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