About Me
I started this blog because I graduated college and found myself working a  job making some decent money but not knowing what to do with it (besides buying sleek shiny objects). We are expected to provide for our own retirements nowadays, and it really bugged me that I didn’t know anything about investments at all. So for the Last 4 years I’ve been studying up. Learning everything i can about investments / wealth-building.

Agree with me? Disagree? Leave a comment! Comments are an integral part of this site. My finances have been affected by readers and fellow bloggers, I believe significantly for the better.

I am not a financial guru. I don’t speak at get-rich seminars and I don’t write books. What I will do is be honest and open with my financial life. I don’t claim to know it all, and in fact I am learning new things every day. I’ll be posting what i like to read and what i am reading. Mostly Digg.com Articles / News.